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Florida will penalize businesses that ask for vaccine passports.
Florida to Fine Businesses Demanding COVID-19 Vaccine Passports
The Florida Department of Health (DOH) recently issued a notice stating that it intends to fine any business...
Apple is facing a lawsuit for recording people's conversations without them knowing.
Recording User Conservation Without Consent, Apple and Google Facing Lawsuits
Big tech firms Apple and Google are facing lawsuits due to reports of their voice assistants violating...
DeSantis is adamant about not allowing cruise ships to discriminate against customers on the basis of vaccination status.
DeSantis Fights Against Vaccine Passport Requirement for Cruises
Florida Governor Republican Ron DeSantis has confirmed that his state will not allow businesses to use...
In a racism controversy, Twitter's AI cropping tool was found to be racist towards blacks.
Twitter Drops AI Cropping Out Black People Following Racism Controversy
Social media platform Twitter has dropped its automated artificial intelligence (AI) photo cropping feature...