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Freedom Convoy: GiveSendGo to Refund Donations, Says Canadian Government Trying to Seize, Redistribute Millions
The Christian crowdfunding platform, GiveSendGo, that Freedom Convoy organizers used to raise millions in donations to support the protests that rocked Canada’s capital of Ottawa for much of the month of February says the Canadian...
Reversing Course, Canadian Banks Begin Unfreezing Accounts of Donors to the Freedom Convoy
Reversing course, Canadian banks have begun unfreezing accounts of individuals who supported the Freedom Convoy, according to Isabelle Jacques, an assistant deputy minister at the Canadian Department of Finance.  Jacques said on  Feb. 21 that...
Behind Aubrey Cottle, the Man Claiming Credit for the GiveSendGo Hack
On Feb. 13, the names and personal details of upwards of 100,000 individuals who donated to GiveSendGo in support of the Freedom Convoy were stolen and the data was published by Distributed Denial of Secrets...