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Colorado Inmate Becomes First US Citizen Diagnosed With Avian Flu
According to a press release issued on April 28 by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) a Colorado inmate who was working at a poultry farm as part of a pre-release employment...
Avian Flu Killing Poultry in Canada and the US, Accelerating Food Shortages
A new strain of avian influenza, that has been sweeping the globe, has landed in the Canadian province of British Columbia impacting at least two poultry farms after late last month bird flu forced an...
France Locks Down Poultry Farms as Bird Flu Spreads Across Europe
On Nov. 4, France’s agriculture ministry ordered French farmers to keep their poultry indoors due to a heightened risk of bird flu that authorities believe is being spread by migratory birds. The order communicated the...