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Canadian Military Officials Tried to Hide Association With Ukraine’s Azov Battalion: Israeli Historian
Efraim Zuroff, an American-born Israeli historian and Nazi hunter, says Canada provided military training for Ukrainian military personnel connected to the controversial Azov Battalion — a unit of the National Guard of Ukraine — as...
Facebook Allows Praise of Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, Adjusts Policies Permitting Calls for Anti-Russian Violence
Facebook will now temporarily allow its users to praise the controversial Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian neo-Nazi military unit, on its platform after formally banning discussion of the group in 2019. The group was previously banned...
Ukraine is struggling to keep up its progressive public relations optics as attention is drawn to its far-right neo-Nazi militia Azov Battalion
Ukraine Struggles With Optics of Ultra-Nationalist Neo-Nazi Azov Militia
While military clashes flare in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the propaganda war is as intense as the military one, with Ukraine struggling to polish away the country’s neo-Nazi elements. Most renowned is a military group called...