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Canada’s Rebel Media Sues Twitter Users, Theatre Staff in Fight Against Cancel Culture

Canadian independent media outlet Rebel Media is, in a new approach to the fight against cancel culture, suing individual Twitter users and employees of a venue who helped organize a boycott of owner Ezra Levant’s book signing. In October of 2019, Levant signed a contract with Historic Princess Theatres to host two book signing events, […]

The Chinese Character for Book: Shū (書)

The Chinese character 書 (shū) stands for a book, letter, written document, or writings. 書 is an ideogrammic compound, or associative compound, a type of...

A Man Who Was Unable to Accept the Truth

The following story is from the book Han Feizi, based on Han Feizi’s political career during the Warring States Period. A long time ago in...

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