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The alliance between China and Russia can be forcibly broken if Russia uses weapons of mass destruction, EU top diplomat Josep Borrell told EU Parliament.
EU Parliament Hears Beijing Has a ‘Red Line’ That Russia Should Not Cross
News Analysis As the war between the Russian Federation and neighboring Ukraine shows no signs of heading towards peace, the Chinese government has proven to be a thorn in the side of the U.S. NATO...
The Kremlin has formally warned Washington over comments Joe Biden made last week calling Vladimir Putin a "murderous dictator."
Moscow Warns Washington Over Biden’s ‘Murderous Dictator’ Remarks Towards Putin
The Russian Federation summoned the United States Ambassador to deliver a formal warning to Washington over aggressively-worded rhetoric utilized by President Joe Biden towards his counterpart Vladimir Putin.  On March 21, Russia Today stated the...
The Chairman of a Ukraine government-linked hospital stated on live television that he ordered staff to castrate wounded Russian Federation soldiers.
‘Castrate’ Wounded Russians ‘Because They are Cockroaches’ Ukraine Government-Linked Hospital Leader Orders Staff on Live TV
In the middle of a serious armed conflict, it is only natural that emotions and tensions run both high and hot. Yet, posterity will inevitably cast individual combatants, participating nations, and even outside observers who...
The world faces imminent global war as the Russia and Ukraine-NATO conflict escalates with deadly brinkmanship.
Threat of Global War Looming as NATO Mobilizes After Russia Strikes Ukraine Training Facility
Amid what is arguably the most serious international military conflict humanity has faced in decades, tensions between the Russian Federation and NATO-backed Ukraine have reached a new peak as the U.S.-led alliance begins mobilizing forces after...
The U.S. funded Ukraine biolab scandal is serving brinkmanship to drive the world to accept a dangerous global military conflict.
US-funded Ukraine Biolab Scandal at the Forefront in Deadly Brinkmanship With Russia
News Analysis No matter whether you identify as Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, socialist or capitalist, or are an American, Ukrainian, or Russian citizen, the military conflict between President Vladimir Putin of the Russian...