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Tag: CCP Subversion

The CCP's Confucius Institutes have appeared to shut down, only to reopen under new names.
Confucius Institutes Rebrand on Canadian Soil Under New Name
Although a New Brunswick Confucius Institute was closed last year, a separate location in Coquitlam,...
Was the Chinese Communist Party behind the mid-2022 shortages of cold and cough medicine and painkillers seen throughout North America?
Were Chinese Nationals Behind the Mid-2022 Cold Medication and Pain Killer Shortages?
Throughout the second half of 2022, one trend that was self-evident and reported on by many individuals...
The CCP has been subverting Federal Reserve employees, says a Senate Committee report.
Communist China Has Been Trying to Subvert the Federal Reserve Since 2013: Senate Report
The Chinese Communist Party has been hard at work attempting to subvert weak links at America’s central...