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Tag: Coercion

Quebec is set to change fully vaccinated status to require a booster injection, in addition to barring the unvaccinated from everything but the grocery store.
No Booster? No Social Credit. Quebec to Change Definition of Fully Vaccinated, Ban Jabless From All Retail Stores
“If the unvaccinated are unhappy, there is a very simple solution — get vaccinated. It’s free and will protect you,” said Health Minister Christian Dube at a Jan. 6 press conference where the Government of...
Quebec is set to bar the unvaccinated from liquor and cannabis stores in a further attempt to coerce COVID vaccine acceptance from the remaining 15 percent holding out.
Canadian Province Set to Bar Unvaccinated From Liquor and Cannabis Stores
Canada’s francophone province of Quebec is set to gate liquor and cannabis stores with vaccine passports, according to Montreal media. A Google translated version of a Jan. 4 French-language article in le Journal de Montreal...