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Freedom Convoy: RCMP Make Arrests at Coutts Border Crossing, Seize Firearms, Body Armour
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) tweeted on Feb. 14 that they have made several arrests at the Coutts border-crossing in southern Alberta where a blockade of trucks have been impeding the regular flow of...
Canadian Authorities Helpless in the Face of Trucker Protests
As protests continue to rage across Canada with truckers blocking major ports of entry into the country, sporadic displays of patriotism erupting in every major city in Canada and a massive contingent of truckers and...
Freedom Convoy: Protesters Appear to Gain Ground, Violence Reported at Coutts Border Crossing
Widespread civil unrest in Canada — led by thousands of truckers opposed to COVID-19 public health measures they say are government “overreach” — may be having an impact on government policy. In the shadow of...