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Video of Chinese Woman Chained Inside Hut Goes Viral, Sparking Outrage Across Social Media
A video of a Chinese mother locked in a hut in rural China with a chain around her neck has ignited a wave of anger and shock across social media.  In the video, a middle-aged...
Rosanna-Arquette-Love-is-Love-Is-Love-Premiere-Laemmle-Monica-Film-Center-Santa-Monica- California-slammed-TikTok-boss-allowing-threats-potential-gun-violence-schools-Getty-Images-1236570075
Rosanna Arquette Blasts TikTok for Offering a Platform for ‘Mass Potential Gun Violence’
On Dec. 17, Hollywood star Rosanna Arquette lashed out on Twitter, accusing the owner of TikTok of allowing imminent threats of “mass potential gun violence” in public schools to happen without intervening or alarming authorities....
The restrictions imposed on TikTok by the Commerce Department in September 2020 have now been revoked.
Commerce Department Revokes Trump’s TikTok Restrictions
The U.S. Commerce Department recently announced that it was revoking a prohibited transactions list with Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat issued in September 2020. On Aug. 6, 2020, President Trump signed Executive Orders 13942 and...