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Tag: Economic Collapse

After the crypto crash, luxury watches are flooding the secondhand market as speculators scramble for money during the crypto collapse.
Luxury Watches Flood Secondhand Market After Crypto Crashes
In 2022, after digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum endured an unprecedented and sustained...
Protests are also hitting Panama over the cost of food, fuel, and medicine, but the uprisings seem driven by the unions
Panama Faces National Protests, Strikes Over Gas and Food Prices
The Central American country of Panama is another on the list of smaller economies rocked by massive...
The Joe Biden Administration is spending $3 million per day just to keep the Trump-era southern border wall unbuilt, data shows.
The Biden Admin Is Spending $3 Million Per Day Just To Keep the Border Wall Unbuilt
The Joe Biden Administration is spending $3 million per day to keep the former Trump Administration’s...
Truckers are getting paid less to deliver goods despite this normally being the busiest time of year.
The Cost to Hire a Trucker Is Crashing, but It’s the Busiest Time of Year
The market to contract a small trucking operation to carry goods is crashing despite this being the busiest...