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Fed up, German Companies Leaving China Due to ‘COVID Zero’ Policy
The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) harsh lockdown of the city of Xi'an has severely interrupted the...
Workers sit outside a construction site in 2021 in Beijing, China.
Strict COVID-19 Lockdowns Slash China’s Economic Growth
For the past few decades, China has been one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Even after...
An Afghan man rides his bike outside the entrance to the Chinese embassy in Kabul on June 10, 2004.
China-Taliban Relations More A Problem than an Opportunity: Eurasia Group President
Following China’s opportunistic moves on Afghanistan, Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer stressed the...
Following the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, China and Russia are seeking to recognize Taliban rule.
China and Russia Keen to Recognize Taliban Government in Afghanistan
It’s been more than a week since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, and the world is still largely...