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A man walks past a residential building developed by Evergrande.
Beijing Orders Evergrande to Demolish 39 Buildings, Developer Remains in Trouble
Evergrande is one of the largest companies in the world drowning financially, amassing more than $300 billion in debt. Struggling to pay its obligations, the real estate firm has delayed paying some of its bond...
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed Senate Bill 7072 to combat Big Tech censorship practices. He spoke at a campaign rally for the US president at Pensacola International Airport in Pensacola, Florida on October 23, 2020.
‘A Big Failure for the United States’: Florida’s DeSantis on Investing in China
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his administration announced on Dec. 20 that they would move to take control of the state’s sizable retirement funds away from private asset managers who invest heavily in Communist China. ...
Premier Li Keqiang Asks Officials to Avoid Communist-style ‘Bureaucratism’ as China’s Economic Crisis Worsens
News analysis At a recent meeting in Shanghai, China’s number two statesman provided provincial leaders with the latest instructions on economic policy and social development, while indicating the severity of the country’s economic situation.  Speaking...
The crisis in China’s property sector is making people wary of investing.
Home Sales Across Communist China Fell In September
The property market has been a major driver of economic growth in communist China. Chinese citizens used to view the property as the safest investment. As of 2019, real estate accounted for 70 percent of...
China’s Evergrande Crisis Could Lead to a Massive Domino Effect in Real Estate
Commentary by Cheng Xiaonong An overarching illusion about China's prosperity concerns the "construction boom" brought about by China's real estate bubble. The bubble is expected to burst eventually, but no one would have expected the...