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As Finland Lockdowns Get Stricter, Businesses Get More Creative

A new set of Finland lockdowns may be the strictest ever, as five cities, including the capital city of Helsinki, are considering tough measures in response to a rising number of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. The proposal would restrict citizens to their homes with limited exceptions, while imposing fines for non-compliance. While Finland has maintained […]

Beijing-Linked Hacking Group Behind Attack on Finnish Parliament, Chinese Students May be Spies

Finnish Security and Intelligence Service, known by the abbreviation Supo, recently revealed that hacker group APT31 was possibly responsible for the country’s Parliament’s IT networks’ cyberattack during autumn 2020. The group, which is said to have ties to the Chinese communist regime, wanted to hack into the Parliament’s IT systems. However, the agency did not […]

This Finnish Airport Is Using Dogs to Detect COVID-19

The Helsinki airport in the Finnish city of Vantaa recently began testing passengers for COVID-19 in a very unique way — by using dogs....

Finnish PM: European Values Threatened

Prime Minister Antti Rinne of Finland has warned that European values are being threatened due to dismal economic growth, which is leading to the...

Ever Wondered Why Nordic Nations Are Ranked the Best Places to Live?

In the World Happiness Report 2018, the Nordic countries of Finland, Denmark, and Norway were ranked as the three happiest nations in the world....

Finnish Education Is on Top of the World

Though the U.S. is the world’s biggest economy, it does not rank at the top when it comes to quality of educational systems. That...

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