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Tag: Fourth Industrial Revolution

A recent study found that virtual reality venues are an effective tool for forcing behavior changes in consumers.
Virtual Reality an ‘Effective Tool’ To Force Consumer Behavior Change: Study
Virtual reality environments are capable of playing the role of forcing consumer behavior changes, shows a recent systematic literature review of more than a thousand peer reviewed studies.  The findings are notable in light of...
An explainer on Ontario Digital ID and Alberta Digital ID
Understanding Alberta and Ontario Digital ID Systems
The Canadian provinces of Ontario and Alberta are on the cusp of transforming the traditional card-based government identification systems into a web-based, cellphone-oriented identification system, generally referred to as digital identification or a digital ID....
Japan has made an electroshock braclet that will deliver pain to Metaverse dreamers.
Japanese Startup Builds Electroshock Bracelet to Inflict Pain On Metaverse Users
A Japanese startup has created a bracelet that transfers and mimics bodily movements into virtual reality settings while also delivering to users haptic, virtually generated stimuli, such as pain. H2L, a Tokyo-based, Sony-backed startup that...
MoviePass will pay a digital currency redeemable only for movies in exchange for users watching ads enforced by facial recognition and eyeball tracking technology.
This Social Credit-Style Digital Currency App Tracks User Eye Movements to Ensure Ads are Watched
MoviePass, a discount movie ticketing service terminated in 2019, has come back as an thinly-veiled social credit and digital currency app that keeps track of customers' eye movements to ensure they keep their spectacles where...