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Tag: Fuel Shortage

Protestors burned down Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa's home after the Government banned fuel and propane sales.
Sri Lankans Burn President’s House Down After Government Bans Sales of Gasoline and Propane; Resignation
President of embattled Sri Lanka Gotabaya Rajapaksa has reportedly told the Speaker of the House he will...
Gasoline prices are displayed at a Speedway gas station on March 3, 2021 in Martinez, California. One station in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, LA, tagged just shy of the $6 per gallon mark for Super Plus over the Memorial Day Weekend.
California Gasoline Flirts With $6 Per Gallon Mark
A gas station in Los Angeles’ trendy Beverly Hills and West Hollywood neighborhoods was photographed...
Colonial's pipeline operations are offline due to a ransomware attack by hacking group DarkSide
Colonial Pipeline Hacking Attack Threatens Critical Infrastructure
On May 8th, one of the top American pipeline operators, Colonial Pipeline, announced that it was forced...