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Beijing is buying expensive tech in a bid to keep track of targets in the West
China Investing in Cutting-Edge Tech to Harvest Social Media Data on Western Targets
Communist China is now redirecting a big portion of its internal Internet data surveillance network externally. The regime is scraping data on social media targets, such as Facebook and Twitter. The data is then fed...
The Statue of Liberty on Nov. 3 in New York City.
Taiwan Invited to US Democracy Summit, Drawing Protest From Beijing
Taiwan has formally been invited to Washington’s “Summit for Democracy” scheduled to be held next month. The island is one of the 109 nations that have been invited to the event. Nations like Egypt, Turkey,...
A recent survey revealed increasing support for U.S. military intervention to protect Taiwan’s sovereignty against China.
Survey: Americans Support Aiding Taiwan Against a Mainland Chinese Invasion
A new survey suggests that a majority of Americans favor U.S. troops defending Taiwan in a scenario where the communist People's Republic of China (PRC) invades the democratic island. The survey, published on Aug. 25,...