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France to Withdraw Forces From Burkina Faso; Junta Supporters Celebrate
On Jan. 25, France announced that it will pull its troops from the West African nation of Burkina Faso...
Outbreaks of the Rare Monkeypox Virus Hit Europe and North America: Here’s What You Need to Know
European and North American health authorities are raising the alarm following outbreaks of a rare virus...
World Bank Paints Grim Economic Picture For Dozens of Low to Middle-Income Countries: New Report
The World Bank has released its annual report, this year titled, “Finance For an Equitable Recovery,”...
Eight young adults have filed a class action lawsuit against seven chocolate companies in Washington D.C., accusing them of benefiting from child slavery that takes place in cocoa farms
Chocolate Makers Face Child Slavery Lawsuit
Eight young adults have filed a class-action lawsuit against seven chocolate companies in Washington...