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Beijing Censors Reports on China Eastern Crash That Claimed 132 Lives
Draconian ‘Zero-COVID’ policy may have contributed to tragic end for Boeing aircraft The March 21 crash of China Eastern flight MU5735 carrying 132 people has drawn international attention, with many expressing condolences for the tragedy....
Chinese Regime Going Ahead With Zero COVID Policy Despite Economic Consequences
Beijing has adopted a “COVID Zero” tolerance policy to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, meaning that the communist regime will prioritize eliminating the virus over the economy should it be forced to...
Public Shaming Parades Return to the Streets of China Amid COVID-19 Fears
The days of the Cultural Revolution seem to be back after several reports emerged of alleged human smugglers, who violated COVID-19 rules, were put on display at a parade in several border towns including the...