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Entire Chinese Province of Henan Under Partial Lockdown, Affecting 110 Million People
The central Chinese province of Henan was placed on a “partial lockdown” by its local government officials...
China Flood Impact: Farmlands Flooded for Months but Officials Say There Is no Impact on Crop Yields
China has suffered heavy rains and floods since June of this year. A Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official...
Typhoon In-fa Slams Into Eastern China, Bringing Heavy Rain, Grounding All Flights and Complicating Rescue
Typhoon In-fa — the third typhoon of the 2021 Pacific typhoon season — is scouring China’s east coast...
Videos Show Drowned Victims of Devastating Floods in Zhengzhou, China; State Media Claim No Deaths
Central China’s Henan Province is experiencing its heaviest rainfall in over 60 years and the rainfall...