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Tag: Inciting hatred

The Chairman of a Ukraine government-linked hospital stated on live television that he ordered staff to castrate wounded Russian Federation soldiers.
‘Castrate’ Wounded Russians ‘Because They are Cockroaches’ Ukraine Government-Linked Hospital Leader Orders Staff on Live TV
In the middle of a serious armed conflict, it is only natural that emotions and tensions run both high and hot. Yet, posterity will inevitably cast individual combatants, participating nations, and even outside observers who...
27% of Canadians want the unvaccinated to serve prison time. 66% want mandatory vaccination, found a poll of mostly vaccinated Canadians.
More Than a Quarter of Canadians Think the Unvaccinated Should Serve Prison Time: Survey
Not only do two-thirds of Canadians support mandatory vaccination decrees, more than a quarter of all respondents find it appropriate to punish those who won’t submit with a 5 day prison sentence, a recent survey...