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Iran sentenced two kids to 10 years in prison for dancing without a hijab head covering and posting it to social media for their 2 million followers.
Iran Sentences 20-year-old Instagram Influencer Couple to 10 Years in Prison for Dancing in Public Without
The Islamic state of Iran has sentenced two 20-year-olds to more than a decade in prison for the crime...
Cruel Treatment of Imprisoned Iranian Activist on Display in Letter Written From Jail
Among many other prisoners trapped within Iran’s Evin prison, Iranian activist Sepideh Qolian penned...
Iranian women who defy the hijab rule will have their bank accounts frozen
Iran to Freeze Bank Accounts of Women Who Defy Hijab Rules
Months of protests have rocked Iran, centered around the populous growing tired of more than 40 years...
Iran Arrests Europeans Accused of Role in Unrest
Iran, which has blamed "foreign enemies" for protests that swept the country after the death of a woman...