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US Troops to Arrive in Europe Amidst Growing Tensions Between Russia and Western Allies
On Thursday Feb. 3, President Joe Biden announced his plan for the mobilization of additional U.S. troops to Europe in case of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Echoes of the Cold War appear to be...
Taliban fighters atop Humvee vehicles parade along a road to celebrate after the US pulled all its troops out of Afghanistan, in Kandahar on September 1, 2021 following the Talibans military takeover of the country.
90 Military Officers Call for Milley and Austin to Resign After Afghanistan Debacle
Ninety retired military officers have written an open letter demanding the resignation of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, and Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, over the botched American exit from Afghanistan. On...
Washington reportedly is unsure how many Americans are trapped in Afghanistan and need to be evacuated.
Washington Clueless to the Exact Number of Americans Stranded in Afghanistan
As Americans scramble to escape Afghanistan, Washington is apparently unsure exactly how many U.S. citizens are currently in the Taliban-controlled nation. In an interview with CNN, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that he could...