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Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Announces Retirement
Liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has officially announced his retirement. The 83-year-old...
Canada’s Freedom Convoy Poised to Break Multiple Records
The Freedom Convoy, now consisting of thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of trucks, making its way across...
satellite launch-Shenzhou-13-Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center-Getty-Images-1346791029
China’s ‘Space Debris Cleaner’ Launch Demonstrates its Military Prowess in Space
China launched its debris cleaning Shijian 21-satellite on Saturday, sparking concerns among defense...
UCLA-Los Angeles-Royce Hal-campus-Getty-Images-1206664330
UCLA Threatens to Drop Online Student for Not Submitting His Vaccination Status
University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) student, Christian Walker, received a phone call from...