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NYC’s Uber Drivers Appeal to Company for Aid as Gas Prices Stay High
Gig economy drivers held a protest in light of high gas prices with their vehicles on Tuesday, March 29, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan and up to the Uber headquarters, hoping for aid from...
Citigroup Funding Travel Expenses for Texas Employees Seeking Abortions Out of State
On March 15, banking giant Citigroup Inc. announced that the company will now be providing its Texas employees with travel expenses should they seek an abortion out of state after Texas lawmakers recently passed more...
Uber and Lyft Drivers Struggling to Survive Due to Skyrocketing Gas Prices
Workers driving for ride-hailing platforms Uber and Lyft say they are struggling to survive amidst record high gas prices prompting some to say they are going to quit entirely.  Gas prices have soared to record...