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The Gates foundation plans to make molnupiravir available to nations with lower incomes.
Gates Foundation Announces $120 Million to Distribute Merck COVID-19 Drug in Underdeveloped Countries
On Oct. 19, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced that it would be setting aside 120 million...
Melinda was put off by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein when she met him in 2013.
Melinda Was Upset With Bill Gates After He Met Jeffrey Epstein: Sources
Jeffrey Epstein, who was the center of a sex-trafficking storm until his suicide in August 2019, knew...
Bill Gates announced that he and Melinda Gates recently filed for divorce. They visited the Oslo Opera House together back in June 2009, 15 years after they married.
Bill and Melinda Gates to Divorce After Nearly 30-year Marriage
Billionaire Bill Gates has announced that he and his wife Melinda Gates will be divorcing soon, after...