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Wind turbines are interfering with Japan's missile defense systems.
Wind Turbines Hindering Japan’s Missile Defense Radars
Japan has to walk back on its decision to invest in wind energy after the Defense Department claimed turbine blades heavily interfere with their radar defense system. After the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, the government...
Hong Kong’s National Security Council Caught Up in Luxurious Dinner Party Scandal
On July 13, various media reported that three senior Hong Kong security officials and members of Hong Kong's National Security Council had attended a luxurious dinner party held by the mainland real estate company Evergrande...
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott listens to former President Donald Trump's address during a tour of an unfinished section of the border wall on June 30, 2021 in Pharr, Texas. Trump says under Biden’s radical approach to immigration, the United States has become a “sick country.”
‘We Have a Sick Country’: Trump During Border Wall Visit
Former President Donald Trump traveled to south Texas to view the migrant crisis situation at the Rio Grande Valley portion of the 2000 mile border wall on June 30. Newsmax reported that Trump spoke to...
Colonial's pipeline operations are offline due to a ransomware attack by hacking group DarkSide
Colonial Pipeline Hacking Attack Threatens Critical Infrastructure
On May 8th, one of the top American pipeline operators, Colonial Pipeline, announced that it was forced to shut down its entire network following a hacking attack that crippled computer infrastructure. Colonial transports almost 2.5...