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Billboards displaying a campaign against human trafficking are seen at Knight Center Metrorail station in downtown Miami, on January 9, 2020. A study by Human Trafficking Institute found most human trafficking recruitment each year occurs online, with Facebook as the majority source.
Internet and Facebook Most Utilized Venue for Human Trafficking Recruitment: Report
A new examination of sex trafficking and forced labor cases in the United States has shown that the dark industry has primarily moved its operations to the Internet, uses Facebook as one of its top...
Police raided an industrial site that showed all the telltale signs of an illicit cannabis growthop. They found a Bitcoin mine stealing power from the electric grid in its place.
UK Police Raid Suspected Cannabis Grow-op, Find Bitcoin Mine Instead
UK Police made a shocking discovery during a raid of a suspected cannabis grow-op when they found a substantial Bitcoin mining operation instead of marijuana being illegally cultivated.  West Midlands Police executed a forced-entry raid...