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United Nations Warns of ‘Hellstorm on Earth’ Amidst Compounding Crises Driving Global Food Scarcity
The executive director of the United Nations World Food Programme, David Beasly, on the sidelines of...
Indonesia extended its worldwide export ban on palm oil to include crude palm oil, increasing global food shortage and inflationary pressures.
Oil Used in Oreos and Toothpaste Becomes 10% More Expensive After Indonesia Bans Exports
Just days after Indonesia, the world’s largest exporter of the world’s most widely used vegetable oil...
Indonesia is about to ban the world's most used vegetable oil, palm oil, from being exported amid a collapsing world food supply chain.
Indonesia, the Top Producer of the World’s Most-used Vegetable Oil, Set to Ban Exports
Indonesia, which produces the most palm oil of any country in the world, is set to ban exports amid a...