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Wall Street Behemoths Ate Reddit’s Gamestop Lunch

According to Wall Street behemoth JPMorgan, the fairytale spun by pundits about Reddit’s WallStreetBets organizing to “squeeze” badly positioned hedge fund short sellers of video game retailer Gamestop (NYSE: GME) in what has been affectionately dubbed the “Gamestop Rebellion” is simply false.  Peng Cheng, the JPMorgan quantitative and derivatives strategy analyst, wrote to clients in […]

Big Media Puts ‘Gamestop Rebellion’ on Par with Capitol Riots

January saw brick-and-mortar video game retailer Gamestop (NYSE: GME) explode in value from a 2021 opening price of $19.00 to a peak of $483.00, a total expansion of more than 2,000 percent. GME closed out the month at $325.00. The story for how it happened has become cemented in people’s minds: Reddit’s WallStreetBets organized a […]

Amateur Investors Fodder, Not Driver of GameStop’s Meteoric NYSE Climb

GameStop’s (NYSE: GME) meteoric rise on the New York Stock Exchange saw shares skyrocket more than 700 percent in value two days after a Jan. 11 Press Release reporting 2020 holiday sales figures.  Nothing about the figures would indicate a bull run of any magnitude was on the horizon. Although the retailer reported a 4.8 […]

CCP-Controlled Tencent Inserts Tentacles Into Reddit

When news of Tencent’s US$150 million investment in Reddit spread over the Internet, users of the website were furious. They were afraid that the...

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