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Tag: Rising Gas Prices

New York State Implements a ‘Gas Tax Holiday’ Amid Record High Prices
As of June 1, New Yorkers will see some relief at the gas pumps after the state implemented a “gas tax holiday” amid record high gas prices. The move was originally proposed earlier this year,...
China Oil Reserve Release
China Releases Strategic Oil Reserves Following US Invite
Oil prices have soared by over 50 percent in the U.S following the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the Chinese government has agreed to release strategic oil reserves following a virtual meeting between U.S President Joe Biden...
US Heating Costs Expected to Soar Alongside Rising Gas Prices
Biden-appointed Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm confirmed on Oct. 7 that Americans should expect higher heating costs for the winter of 2021. In a time when the pandemic has hit the world’s economies hard, the rise...