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MIT gave a swarm of robots intelligence to self replicate and transmit power and data between each other.
MIT Gave Intelligence to ‘Swarms’ of Robots to Make Vehicles, Self-multiply, and Transmit Power
As modern mankind continues headstrong in its agenda to change the living conditions of human life and...
Chips Making Chips: Robots Take Over French Fries Production in Fast Food Restaurants
French fries are going hi-tech, thanks to a laboratory in California. Miso Robotics in Pasadena has...
A blockchain-powered autonomous tree planting company sparked one of the wildfires that has destroyed 115 square miles in Spain in only a few days.
Spanish Wildfire Sparked by Blockchain-powered Autonomous Tree Planters, Again
A self-described “technology-driven reforestation company” relying on the much-hyped blockchain technology...