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Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Sparks Panic Buying of Food in the Middle East
Fears of food and fuel shortages are gripping the Middle East following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as prices for essential goods such as wheat and sunflower oil, that are typically imported from the two countries,...
Beijing Refrains From Calling Out Russian Invasion, But Urges Chinese Nationals in Ukraine to Avoid ‘Unstable Areas’
Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, China's embassy in Kyiv told its citizens residing in the country to stay home or at least take the precaution of displaying a Chinese flag on their vehicles if they...
German Navy Chief Resigns Following Pro-Putin Comments
On Jan. 22, Germany’s Navy Chief, Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schoenbach, stepped down from his post following comments that supported Russian President Vladimir Putin. He had also suggested that Ukraine would never take back Crimea from...