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How a Jade Bangle Is Made Traditionally

Jade, also known as the Emperor’s Stone, has been a symbol of status, power, and spirituality ever since the Stone Age. In ancient China, the use of jade was widespread. Jade has been used to make everything imaginable, from tools and weapons to furniture, decorations, and jewelry worn by royals. But it was only around […]

Awe Inspiring Luxury: Chinese Tang Dynasty-Style Handbags

When Tian Qi, an avid art collector and architect, came across an exhibition poster of Japan’s Nara museum, he was intrigued. The poster showed...

A Simple Guide: Cutting Various Types of Hair at Home During the Lockdown

For many people, going to a hair salon or barbershop is not an option today, as most are deemed nonessential and closed due to...

Cabochons, Chlorine, and Other Things You Need to Know About Jade

The demand for jade gemstones and jewelry is on the rise. If you plan on buying jade either as an investment or solely out...

Why Chinese Women Wear Jade Bracelets

Chinese women love their jade bracelets, and they always look stunning wearing them. The simple elegance of a green jade bracelet seems to perfectly match...

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