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Tag: Sustainable Development Goals

Protesters stand near burning tires during a demonstration called by Flemish farmers to protest against new proposed rules to reduce nitrogen emissions, in Brussels, on March 3, 2023
Flemish Nitrogen Emissions Cuts Plans Spur Massive Farmers’ Protests
Thousands of Belgian farmers drove up to Brussels to protest plans to curb nitrogen emissions which will...
Dutch court ruling nitrogen emissions carbon capture construction industry
Dutch Court Ruling Thwarting Carbon Capture Project Also Halts Construction Projects
The Dutch Supreme Court halted an offshore carbon capture project because it wasn’t tested for European...
The United Nations has warned central banks must pivot away from quantitative tightening.
UN Warns Central Banks to Pivot Away From Hawkish Policy
As central banks across the world raised interest rates and doubled down on hawkish narratives that they...
Talks between the government and the Dutch Farmers protestors made little progress on the issue of nitrogen fertilizers.
Dutch Farmers Flex Their Muscle, but Can’t Make a Fist After Government Talks
Dutch farmer organizations held talks with the government called “constructive” as they looked to seek...