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With Millions Facing Starvation, US Treasury Unveils Plan to Address Food Crisis
On May 18, the U.S. Treasury along with several global development banks, in collaboration with other groups, announced a multi-billion dollar plan to address the worldwide food security crisis that has only deepened following Russia’s...
Ampules containing 100mcg of fentanyl
New Biden Orders on Fentanyl to Sanction Chinese Firms
On Dec. 15, President Joe Biden announced two executive orders intended to curb the skyrocketing death rates in the U.S. caused by synthetic drug overdoses, primarily related to fentanyl. In a release, the U.S. Treasury...
Hong Kong State Department Statement October 21 2021
State Department Voices Serious Concern Over ‘Continued Erosion of Freedoms in Hong Kong’
On Thursday, Oct. 21, the U.S. Department of State released a press statement titled “On the Continued Erosion of Freedoms in Hong Kong” calling upon the mainland Chinese and Hong Kong authorities “to release those...