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Fighting in Sudan Explodes Between Army and Paramilitary Forces, International Community Condemns the
On April 15, heavy fighting broke out between two rival factions in Sudan, taking the lives of more than...
UN Reaches High Seas Treaty After a Decade of Negotiations
On Mar. 4, after more than ten years of negotiations, members of the United Nations (UN) finally agreed...
Russia Rejoins UN Grain Deal Four Days After Withdrawal; Putin Threatens to Back Out Again
On Nov. 2, Moscow made a quick U-turn and rejoined a United Nations (UN) grain deal, days after it had...
United Nations Biodiversity Conference Moved to Canada Due to China’s COVID-19 Restrictions
A major United Nations (U.N.) conference on biodiversity has been moved outside of China after the meeting...
United Nations Warns of ‘Hellstorm on Earth’ Amidst Compounding Crises Driving Global Food Scarcity
The executive director of the United Nations World Food Programme, David Beasly, on the sidelines of...
As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, unreliable media reports make it unclear how many civilians are caught in the crossfire.
Unreliable Media Coverage Clouds Impact On Civilians in Russo-Ukrainian War
Russia’s military operations in Ukraine have persisted for a month and accounts of civilian casualties...