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UPS to Hire 100,000 Seasonal Workers to Deal with Holiday Rush
The United Parcel Service announced on Wednesday, Sept. 7 that it would be hiring more than 100,000 holiday workers in 2022, in line with last year, to deal with a surge in packages. The logistics...
An Amazon logistics center near Paris, France.
Amazon Tackling Supply Chain Crisis With Private Ships
America’s supply chain crisis has driven up the prices of products. However, Amazon is trying to bypass such challenges by hiring private shipping vessels to transport goods around the world, which many believe is an...
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COVID-19 Crisis Fans Inflation of Food Prices, Rent, and Fuel
Consumer prices rose 8.6 percent last year induced by skyrocketing energy tariffs that are further hampering supply chains caused by understaffing due to stiff COVID-19 regulations and soaring sick leaves. The US Bureau of Labor...