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Facebook's Metaverse is, much like Decentraland, a failure that nobody wants to spend time in.
The Metaverse Is Floundering
Users simply don’t like being in the Metaverse, new documents showing internal analysis by Meta, parent...
Soldiers testing Microsoft's $22 billion Pentagon contract for the HoloLens augmented reality glasses say it would get them killed in the field.
Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Goggles Costing Taxpayers $22 Billion ‘Would Have Gotten Us Killed,’ Military
Cutting edge technology is rarely all it’s cracked up to be, military testers found after a spectacularly...
Microsoft Research had 18 people spend a week working in virtual reality, and they hated it, a study shows.
18 People Spent 40 Hours ‘Working’ in Virtual Reality and Hated It
A newly published first-of-its-kind study put 18 people in virtual reality for a full 40-hour work week...
A recent study found that virtual reality venues are an effective tool for forcing behavior changes in consumers.
Virtual Reality an ‘Effective Tool’ To Force Consumer Behavior Change: Study
Virtual reality environments are capable of playing the role of forcing consumer behavior changes, shows...
Japan has made an electroshock braclet that will deliver pain to Metaverse dreamers.
Japanese Startup Builds Electroshock Bracelet to Inflict Pain On Metaverse Users
A Japanese startup has created a bracelet that transfers and mimics bodily movements into virtual reality...
Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Aims To Be ‘Successor To the Mobile Internet’
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced renaming the parent company responsible for Facebook,...