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Firm at Source of Chinese Stock, Viacom, Discovery Crash has Housing Bubble Roots

The week of March 26 showed rarely seen explosive volatility in Chinese stock and commodities as Archegos Capital Management, a self-described family investment office, materialized billions of dollars in losses as Wall Street investment banks such as Goldman Sachs liquidated its positions in a little known, lightly regulated area known as total return swaps.  A […]

Will Chinese Citizens Be Coaxed Into Capital Markets?

On December 22, 2020, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) held a meeting and discussed the topic of encouraging Chinese citizens to invest their savings in capital markets. This is the second time within 11 months this topic has been raised among the group. Coaxing the substantial pool of Chinese householders’ savings back into the […]

Wall Street Behemoths Ate Reddit’s Gamestop Lunch

According to Wall Street behemoth JPMorgan, the fairytale spun by pundits about Reddit’s WallStreetBets organizing to “squeeze” badly positioned hedge fund short sellers of video game retailer Gamestop (NYSE: GME) in what has been affectionately dubbed the “Gamestop Rebellion” is simply false.  Peng Cheng, the JPMorgan quantitative and derivatives strategy analyst, wrote to clients in […]

US Treasury Secretary to Meet With Financial Regulators About GameStop

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will be meeting with financial regulators to discuss the high levels of volatility in the market regarding GameStop, a video game and merchandise retailer. Frenzied trading of GameStop shares caused prices to soar by more than 400 percent recently before falling sharply. Experts also noticed such volatile activity on other […]

Scholars Describe Communist China’s Presence in US

Political analysis Different from the Soviet Union, Communist China leverages economic strength to wield soft power over American politics and society Days after Democratic presidential candidate...

Chinese Professor: ‘At the Top of America’s Core Inner Circle of Power, We Have Our Old Friends’

The Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight program recently showed a video of an explosive revelation made by a Chinese professor. The professor, Di Dongsheng,...

Americans Want Their Companies Out of Communist China Now

With the current U.S. administration’s “America First” policy and harsh attitude toward those who take advantage of the country, it’s no wonder that a...

Pandemic Shakes Up the Partnership Between Wall Street and the CCP

Growing distrust of the Chinese government’s handling of the CCP virus outbreak should prompt Wall Street to rethink its dealings with China, hedge fund...

Wall Street Fiddles While America Burns

The worldwide trail of destruction that comes with the spread of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus has forced countries to re-examine wholesale their...

Why Is New York So Menaced by the COVID-19 Storm? (Part 1)

In the United States, the number of people diagnosed with COVID-19 exceeds 504,700 people, with over 18,700 deaths as of April 11. In New...

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