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Project Veritas Catches CNN Technical Director on Hidden Camera Admitting ‘We got Trump Out’

A recent undercover operation conducted by Project Veritas, an independent investigative journalism team, revealed a CNN director admitting the network’s notable bias against former President Donald Trump was not a matter of perception, was part of a plan, and that propaganda campaigns were launched in an effort to ensure Trump was unable to secure a second term.

The first of the three videos released by Project Veritas shows CNN Technical Director Charles Chester shedding light on how the network’s agenda to twist public opinion away from Trump and toward Biden was a reality, “Look what we did, we [CNN] got Trump out. I am 100​ percent going to say it, and I 100​ percent believe that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have got voted out… [I] wanted to be a part of that.” 

Chester cited a specific instance of how his network constructed a narrative meant to discredit the incumbent President, “[Trump’s] hand was shaking or whatever, I think. We brought in so many medical people to all tell a story that was all speculation – that he was neurologically damaged, and he was losing it.”

At the same time, Chester said CNN also ran stories to promote an idea of a healthy and fit Joe Biden by displaying images of Biden jogging and wearing aviators to present the image the challenger was what he called a “young geriatric.” 

Chester said that now that the goal of removing Trump from office has been achieved and the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to “taper off to a point that it’s not a problem anymore,” what would CNN’s next propaganda focus be? 

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The answer is climate change, “The climate thing is gonna take years. So they’ll probably be able to milk that for quite a bit,” he said to a Project Veritas undercover reporter on hidden camera. 

Saying that “fear sells,” Chester speculated that the upcoming shift to focus on climate change was taken by CNN President Jeff Zucker. 

In another clip uploaded to Twitter by Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe before he was permanently suspended by the social media platform after running the CNN expose, Chester said his network’s coverage of Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz counted as propaganda when asked to define propaganda by the undercover reporter. 

Chester called Gaetz a “problem for the Democratic Party,” and said CNN is running stories with the aim of hurting his image and reputation. He said, “So we’re going to keep running those stories to keep hurting him and make it so that it can’t be buried.”

“That’s propaganda because it’s helping us (CNN) in some way,” he said.

Project Veritas appears to have targeted Chester through Tinder, with an employee from the nonprofit going on five dates with him while wearing a hidden camera, according to Mediaite, who referenced a “source close to CNN.” The final date was at a pancake house located in the neighborhood Chester lived in. It is not known when the actual dates took place.

Following the release of the videos, O’Keefe also announced his intention to sue CNN for defamation. “Ana Cabrera is the host that lied about us and said that we were taken down for – she mentioned misinformation… That’s just simply not so… we believe we can win against CNN, so I’m announcing on your show I’m going to sue CNN for defamation,” he said to Fox News

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