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China and America’s Fate: A Conversation Between Simone Gao and Mike Pompeo

Simone Gao
Simone Gao is an award-winning journalist, host of Zooming In with Simone Gao, an in-depth report program on current affairs.
Published: May 30, 2021

We have a sense that America is at risk. We see it day after day as stories of cyberattacks, congressional debates, coronavirus devastation, and social unrest overwhelm our news outlets. And we wonder where we should center our focus and what we should prioritize, knowing we cannot address all of these issues at once. 

According to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, “The single biggest threat to the way of life for the American people is the Chinese Communist Party. Period. Full stop.” Topping the list of the CCP’s sanctioned U.S. officials, Pompeo has proven that he knows the depth of that threat and has taken a stand to combat it. Zooming In China’s Simone Gao met with him recently to explore the global threat the CCP poses and how the U.S can best meet that threat and maintain its nature as a shining city upon the hill. 

In this exclusive interview, Pompeo reflects on the threats China’s United Front operations, military buildup, denial of basic rights, and treatment of their own people pose to America’s ability to govern ourselves. He explores the need for political leaders to stand strong and say “this far and no further” to countries in the Middle East, especially where nuclear weapons and dangerous regimes are concerned. And he pleads for a worldwide understanding that we need to “shine a light” on the intellectual theft, humanitarian crises and global COVID-19 deception brought about by the CCP. 

Despite all of these challenges, Pompeo believes that America’s future is in its own hands and that the greatest threat to America as a nation comes from within, from our capacity to govern ourselves. He stresses a positive push forward, noting that although “we slept on it for a long time here in the U.S.—guilty as charged,” ultimately, “we’re going to get it right.”

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