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China: COVID-19 Outbreaks Surge in Multiple Provinces, Mass Testing Enforced

Juliet Wei
Juliet Wei covers China news and U.S.-China relations and has worked as a correspondent with Senate and House Correspondent Credential at Washington DC. She holds an M.A. in Specialized Journalism from the University of Southern California.
Published: November 8, 2021
On November 4, in Ma Changcun village, Gansu province people were lined up in heavy snow to do mandatory Covid tests to get their green code for a normal life. (Image: screenshot from video from Twitter)

COVID-19 outbreaks in China continue to heat up, with multiple infectious chains spreading across 20 provinces. 

Nearly 1,000 people have reportedly been officially diagnosed. However, the true number of confirmed cases remains unclear with allegations that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is suppressing the real numbers. 

According to a video published to Twitter on Nov. 7, in Xining city, Qinghai province near Tibet, “people are line up in heavy snow to do mandatory daily Covid test to get their green pass back! This city is partially in lockdown!”

In China, people have to carry a mobile phone with health codes certified by the authority. Only if the code is green, can one move freely. If it is yellow, the individual can’t access supermarkets, hotels, restaurants etc. Some are forced to quarantine.

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreaks, health codes for all Chinese citizens have been switched to yellow.

Citizens are being tested in the hopes of turning their health code green. Many are isolating; choosing to do so no matter how inconvenient it is. 

“The line is stretched as far as the eye can see!” According to another video circulated on Nov. 7, in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province.  

“People stop all usual activities and are waiting in line to do mandatory Covid test day after day to get back their green pass until the lockdown is lifted.”

In Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province, people stoped all usual activities and were waiting in line for mandatory Covid test to get back their green pass until the lockdown is lifted(Image: screenshot from video from Twitter)

On Nov. 4, another video of a COVID-19 test site in Ma Changcun village in Gansu province was posted online. People are seen waiting in line to have mandatory COVID-19 tests in heavy snow, just to get their codes green.

Another video from Gansu province was posted on Oct. 24. To keep their normal life, hundreds of people rushed to have a COVID-19 test to get their green pass back. 

The outbreak has not spared children. On Nov. 4th and 7th in Xingyang city, Henan province,  every kindergarten child must have a QR code hung around their neck to facilitate a mandatory COVID-19 test in order to receive a printed vaccine passport.

An emergency atmosphere has spread as the outbreak heats up. In Chongqing city, at approximately 2 a.m. Chinese health officials knocked on the doors of local residents and forced them to receive a mandatory COVID-19 test.

In Henan province, every kindergarten child must have a QR code hanging with them for the mandatory Covid test to get green pass. (Image: screenshot from video from Twitter)