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Conflicting Media Reports Swirl Regarding Trudeau’s Recent Visit to the Calgary Stampede

Published: July 11, 2022
The competitive chuckwagon races are a big draw for grandstand spectators at The Stampede in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Conflicting reports have emerged concerning Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent visit to the festivities.(Image: George Rose/Getty Images)

News analysis

On July 10, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid a visit to the “Greatest Show on Earth” the Calgary Stampede which is a rodeo event and midway experience that is held every year in Calgary, Alberta. 

The event regularly attracts Canadian politicians particularly this year as the leadership race for the official opposition to Trudeau’s liberals approaches this fall. This year marked the first time since the pandemic hit that Trudeau attended the festivities.

On Sunday, an article entitled “‘Happy Stampede’: Prime minister mobbed by admirers at Stampede events” written by Bill Graveland and Colette Derworiz and originally published by The Canadian Press was picked up by several Canadian mainstream media outlets and was published under slightly different headlines. As of Monday morning however the headline has been changed by several of the publishers. 

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation edited their headline to read, “‘It’s great to see everyone’: Prime Minister Trudeau joining growing list of politicians at Stampede,” and The Globe and Mail,  edited their original headline to read, “Trudeau references Ukraine, inflation at Calgary Stampede pancake breakfast.”

On Monday morning, a search of The Globe and Mail’s website revealed the original headline stating Trudeau was “mobbed by supporters,” however once the link is clicked it displays the now edited version of the article. 

Once the original article began to circulate it caught the attention of several grassroots media organizations in Canada, and Canadians at large, who questioned the angle the article took since Trudeau’s popularity in Calgary, particularly in western Canada as a whole, has been historically very low.

According to a recent Angus Reid Institute poll, 59 percent of Canadians either moderately or strongly disapprove of Trudeau’s performance and only eight percent of Canadians “strongly approve” of his performance. 

“Economically, the country is in dire straits. Inflation is at its highest level in 39 years, and Canadians are feeling the financial pressure. Approaching half (45%) say their finances are worse off than they were a year ago, while one-third are looking to the future and seeing no relief,” Angus Reid wrote.

Keean Bexte, a journalist with the Canadian grass roots media outlet The Counter Signal, was quick to question the article’s claim tweeting, “FACT CHECK: Was Trudeau “mobbed by supporters” yesterday at the Calgary Stampede? QII love and hugs? No. Here is uncensored footage of Canada’s hatred of Trudeau. Reminder: he is polling at 8%. READ.”

The Counter Signal reported the allegation that Trudeau intentionally delayed releasing his itinerary for July 10 as a way to avoid his detractors from showing up in protest. Trudeau regularly encounters protesters, who hurl obscenities at him, during his public appearances.

On July 9, while attending an event in the Canadian city of Sudbury, Ontario, Trudeau was met by angry Canadians. One woman called him a “Communist pig” and told him that he should “go back to China.”

Trudeau spent some of his time in Calgary on Sunday participating in photo-ops in an empty rodeo stadium. The last time he attended he attempted to conduct his photo-ops in a crowded stadium only to be booed.

“In all, Trudeau only spent six hours in Calgary for the biggest event in Alberta all year. Unsurprising, as the last time he attended, thousands booed him,” The Counter Signal reported.