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Talk on Communist Infiltration and US Constitutionalism, Hosted by Sound of Hope Radio

Published: May 17, 2023
Fang Wei, a co-host of the Wei & Cathy Show, at the April 29 "Miracle of America" event in Sunnyvale, CA, where Prof. Paul Skousen shared his thoughts on America's constitutional rule and the threat it faces in teh forms of communisma nd socialism. (Image: Screenshot/The Wei & Cathy Show/via YouTube)

Wei and Cathy invited Prof. Paul Skousen, son of the late Dr. Cleon Skousen, author of the bestsellers “The 5000 Year Leap” and “The Naked Communist”, gave a special talk on the U.S. Constitution and communist infiltration in Sunnyvale, CA on April 29th. It’s so enthusiastically welcomed that many audience asked for the video to be made available.

So we decided to offer an online version on May 27. Prof. Skousen will discuss the success formula it brought to us, the failure formula that led us away from it, the three education cycles that America went through, and, as conscious citizens, the specific things we can and should do today.

Prof. Skousen currently teaches at Utah Valley University and is a prolific writer. He and his father wrote over 20 books on the U.S. Constitution, communism and socialism in the U.S., and children’s education. In his early years, he graduated from Georgetown University and worked as a military analyst at the CIA and in the Situation Room at the White House during the Reagan Administration.

This particular event is hosted by Sound of Hope Media Group, a Chinese-American radio network. Many audience at the April 29th event believe it is of great value.

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