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Turkey Blocks Porn Site OnlyFans After Strong Conservative Demands

Access to the cyber-prostitution platform was restricted on June 7.
Published: June 12, 2023
A picture taken on Oct.5, 2021 in Toulouse shows the logo of Onlyfans social media displayed by a tablet. (Image: LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP via Getty Images)

OnlyFans, a paid site offering pornographic content, has been blocked in Turkey following a campaign by conservatives that argued that the site is immoral, a stance the country’s leaders reportedly back, various media in the west Asian country have reported.  

The platform, based in London, hosts porn content performed live by sex workers who receive money based on paid subscriptions to their channels.

Turkish media on June 7 confirmed that the site has been blocked, with anyone attempting to connect to the site in Turkey receiving a warning message that “their traffic was not secure,” RT reported. 

The site being blocked appears to be in response to a petition by Conservatives on Citizen’s Platform or CIMER.

One signatory wrote that OnlyFans “encourages society to make easy money with immoral methods,” according to Turkish news outlet Cumhuriyet, the oldest up-market daily Turkish newspaper. . 

“If drastic measures are not taken against such platforms, public morals and the Turkish family structure will be eroded and eventually degenerate,” another wrote, who did not only want OnlyFans banned but, “all such platforms.”

Another signatory shared these concerns saying that he had other concerns after he saw sex workers frequenting Twitter to brag about their incomes and recommending performing on the platform as a career choice to impressionable young people.

“Some of the concept accounts on this disgusting platform have started to produce pornographic content with their parents to earn more money,” he said. 


The platform, which hosts an estimated 2.1 million prostitutes, reportedly has upwards of 190 million users and is growing by another 500,000 daily. 

Popular pornographers reportedly can earn as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars every month; however, the average sex worker makes just $151.00 per month, of which the platform takes 20 percent. 

In 2021, the platform briefly banned pornographic content, only to backtrack within a month after widespread outcry by the platform’s sex workers which OnlyFans refers to as “creators.”

Turkey joins a growing list of countries and regions that are choosing to block the platform, including Dubai, Russia, India, and Belarus.

Dubai has a strict policy against adult content and OnlyFans has been blocked there since it was first launched.

Russia blocked access to the site in February 2023, citing the platform’s “immoral” content.

In India, internet users can access the site but uploading content is illegal and in Belarus, which has also taken action to block platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the situation is similar. Internet users can access the site but are unable to upload content.