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Sharing Hearts Organization Youth Leaders Meet With Assembly Member Lester Chang

Published: August 16, 2023
The students asked Assemblyman Lester Chang representing New York's 49th Assembly District many questions on a variety of topics impacting residents of New York City on Aug. 7, 2023. (Image: Vision Times Staff)

NEW YORK, New York — On Aug. 7, 11 high school students from the Sharing Hearts Organization, Inc.’s inaugural youth leadership training program met with Assemblyman Lester Chang from New York’s 49th Assembly District. The future leaders, representing the newly minted non-profit community organization, sought insights into the world of politics, leadership, and community service.

The engaged youth leaders probed Mr. Chang on a range of topics, including his journey into electoral politics, the extent of his legislative responsibilities, and pressing issues facing New York residents, such as public safety, education, and immigration reforms.

The students asked Assemblyman Lester Chang representing New York’s 49th Assembly District many questions on a variety of topics impacting residents of New York City on Aug. 7, 2023. (Image: Vision Times Staff)

In response, Mr. Chang provided in-depth answers, illuminating the core principles of American politics, the essence of personal leadership, and the significance of active participation in public service.

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The meeting was more than just a Q&A session. It represented an opportunity for these young minds and future leaders to deepen their understanding of societal issues — all the while fostering a greater awareness of the importance of civic engagement. Sharing Hearts Organization, Inc. emphasizes the importance of equipping young individuals with the tools they need to actively contribute to public affairs and services.

This recently established youth leadership program by Sharing Hearts seeks to provide valuable training in personal leadership, promote active community service, and advocate for underserved groups within the community.

In gratitude, Sharing Hearts Organization, Inc. extended its appreciation to Assembly Member Chang for dedicating his time to nurture the spirit of public service among the next generation of leaders.

A growing demographic

Congressman Chang also noted in a previous interview with Vision Times that nearly 15 percent of New York City’s population identifies as either Chinese or Asian, which equates to about one million people. Of this number, an estimated 800,000 are Chinese — a large portion of which reside in the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn. He asserts that the city should implement tangible measures to offer more opportunities for this significant demographic.

Chang also expressed his desire for the city to organize a job fair focused on government roles. He emphasized the need for applications to be available not just in English, but also in Chinese — highlighting that voter registration forms are already provided in several languages other than English.

“I want diversity,” in the local government, he said, adding that the city has to give the Asian population “fair equity” and provide opportunities for Chinese people “to work in the government.”