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Celebrating Kindness: Meet the Winners of Gan Jing World’s ‘Kindness Is Cool Video Awards’

Alina Wang
A native of New York, Alina has a Bachelors degree in Corporate Communications from Baruch College and writes about human rights, politics, tech, and society.
Published: February 8, 2024
Based in New York, Gan Jing world is a growing digital platform created with the intent to promote wholesome and traditional content free from violent, pornographic, and harmful material. (Image: via Gan Jing World)

In an era where the digital realm often mirrors the complexity and challenges of the physical world, a beacon of hope and positivity shines through via Gan Jing World.

The company’s inaugural “Kindness Is Cool Video Awards,” which culminated on Dec. 31, 2023, has sparked a global celebration of kindness, compassion, and community engagement. Receiving over 10,000 entries from every corner of the globe, the event showcased the universal language of kindness and how it transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

Based in New York, Gan Jing world is a growing digital platform created with the intent to promote wholesome and traditional content free from violent, pornographic, and harmful material. The platform also aims to foster a family-friendly online environment that encourages positive social interactions and strengthens community bonds.

“The idea of Gan Jing World is to have a family-friendly, online social media platform,” said Nick Janicki, Media Director at Gan Jing World, as he emphasized the platform’s ethos. “Through events like ‘Kindness Is Cool’, we hope to inspire positive community engagement, mutual respect, care, kindness, and to foster tighter family and social bonds,” he added. 

A ripple effect of goodwill

The awards brought together a diverse group of participants — ranging from professional film studios to school classrooms — with each submission contributing a unique vision of kindness through short films, animations, vlogs, and more. This initiative is a testament to Gan Jing World’s mission to not only highlight acts of kindness, but to inspire a continuous ripple effect of goodwill throughout communities across the world.

The grand prize of the “Kindness Is Cool Creativity Awards,” a whopping $10,000, was awarded to “Breaking Barriers.” The compelling entry featured David Vobora, a retired NFL linebacker, who through his Adaptive Training Foundation, exemplifies the profound impact of kindness and giving back.

David Vobora’s inspiring journey with the “Adaptive Training Foundation” showcases the transformative power of kindness and how giving back can enrich one’s own life as much as it does for those on the receiving end. The film received the grand prize of $10,000. (Image: screenshot via Gan Jing World)

Vobora’s work with veterans and first responders — where he provides free training and housing — is a powerful narrative of how kindness can transform lives. “As you do deal hope, as you do deal kindness…the energy that comes out, that attraction, actually brings back more into your life,” says Vobora in the video. 

Other notable winners included New Century Films, which captured the Kindness Together Group Award for its host of 30 heartwarming short films, as well as the recipients of the Kindness Appreciation Awards, with each applicant bringing unique and touching perspectives to the theme of kindness.

Established in 2018, New Century Films is the filmmaking department of Aurora Films and Performing Arts, a registered charity. Advocating the core values of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, the company looks to create films that can touch people’s hearts, uphold righteous conscience, and rediscover morality. (Image: screenshot via Gan Jing World)

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Among the other awards, a poignant moment was captured in “The Bill,” a short film that was able to convey a powerful message of kindness without using words. Similarly, “My Teacher” presented by Clearview School of Art and Culture, highlighted the transformative power of a teacher’s kindness towards a new student, echoing the timeless teaching of Confucius: “Love all Equally.”

As Gan Jing World gears up for future events, the “Kindness Is Cool Video Awards” have set a high bar for how online platforms can play a pivotal role in spreading positivity and fostering community spirit. In the words of the participants and organizers, the event has been a resounding affirmation that indeed, kindness pays back, and its ripples can be felt across the globe.

“These kinds of videos are exactly what the world needs, even small, good deeds can change the whole world…..brings back hope for humanity,” said one user in a comment. 

The event’s success signals a growing trend towards positive content creation and consumption in the digital age, where kindness becomes not just cool, but transformative. 

The complete list of winners of Gan Jing World’s “Kindness Is Cool Video Awards” is as follows:

  1. The Kindness Is Cool Creativity Award ($10,000):
  • Breaking Barriers — David Vobora’s inspiring journey with the “Adaptive Training Foundation” showcases the transformative power of kindness and emphasizes how giving back enriches one’s own life as much as it does for those on the receiving end.
  1. The Kindness Together Group Award ($5,000):
  • New Century Films — An organization that has published over 30 high-quality short films — highlighting various acts of kindness, compassion, and human rights’ awareness — proving that the goodness we share with the world often finds its way back to us.
  1. The Kindness Appreciation Awards ($1,000 each):
  • THE BILL — A wordless short film that captures a moment of unexpected kindness in a restaurant, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.
  • My Teacher — Presented by Clearview School of Art and Culture, this film underscores the impact of a teacher’s kindness on a new student, inspiring the entire class and viewers alike.
  • Life is a journey where kindness is given — This entry follows a group of young individuals as they deliver aid to children in Vietnam’s Hà Giang Province, embodying the spirit of kindness as a life-long journey.
  • Grandfather’s Story — An ink and wash animation that tells a heartwarming tale of a grandfather and grandson building a pavilion for their village, highlighting the enduring nature of perseverance and compassion.
  • KINDNESS IS COOL — Featuring nine-year-old Big Lotus 415, this original song promotes the message that kindness is essential in today’s world.
  1. The Kindness Smiles Award ($500 each):
  • Kindness Essays — Young students at the Star Academy for the Gifted and Talented share their personal reflections on kindness.
  • “Kindness is cool” at IMT Liege, Belgium — A collective message from the students at Institut Marie-Thérèse, celebrating kindness and mutual respect within their school and how these positive messages can spread throughout communities as well.
  • Sharing Joy and Happiness With Children — The Chandra Kumala School in Indonesia creates a memorable day for children from a local orphanage, filled with games, gifts, and laughter.
  • Art — A moving short film about a classroom coming together to share art supplies with a student in need.
  • KINDNESS IS COOL | SASTRANI — An adaptation of an Indonesian poem, this song performed with piano and flute accompaniment, shares the vision of a kinder world through shared values of compassion and patience. 
  • What the Older Brother Said — A candid video capturing a meaningful conversation between siblings about kindness and understanding following a disagreement.
  • Kindness Is Cool in Little Lotus Academy — Young students from the Little Lotus Academy in New York express their thoughts on kindness and positivity.
  • Kindness At Birth — A story illustrating the healing power of a small act of kindness between students, reminding us of the profound impact kindness can have on the heart.
  • Silent Train — A silent film capturing a moment of unexpected kindness on a train, showcasing the beauty that comes with lending a helping hand to a stranger. 
  • Innocent Beauty — A heartwarming short featuring smiling children, reminding viewers of the pure joy and simplicity found in acts of kindness.