UK Spy Agencies Putting Curbs on Chinese ‘Smart Cities’ Technology

Smart cities are urban areas that use different types of electronic methods and sensors to collect data. Insights gained from that data are used to manage assets, resources, and services efficiently; in return, that data is used to improve the operations across the city. This includes data collected from citizens, devices, buildings, and assets that are then processed and analyzed […]

Magnetism Meets Topology on a Superconductor’s Surface

Electrons in a solid occupy distinct energy bands separated by gaps. Energy band gaps are an electronic “no man’s land,” an energy range where no electrons are allowed. Now, scientists studying a superconductor compound containing iron, tellurium, and selenium have found that an energy band gap opens at a point where two allowed energy bands […]

Toyota Developing New Smart City Close to Mount Fuji

Car companies and technology giants have been developing self-driving car technologies for a few years now and some prototypes are already out. However, Japanese automobile giant Toyota seems to have taken a huge leap forward that may leave its rivals in the dust. According to reports, Toyota has started setting up a “first of its […]

Scientists Take Step Toward Quantum Computing

A Russian-German research team has created a quantum sensor that grants access to measurement and manipulation of individual two-level defects in qubits. The study by NUST MISIS, the Russian Quantum Center, and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, published in npj Quantum Information, may pave the way for quantum computing. In quantum computing, the information is encoded in qubits. Qubits (or quantum bits), the quantum mechanical analog of a classical […]

Facebook Reality Labs AR Glasses Seek ‘Paradigm Shift’ in how Humans Interact With Computers

Facebook Reality Labs is marching forward on the path to augmented reality (AR) in what it calls a “paradigm shift in how humans interact with computers” by way of a pair of artificial intelligence-driven glasses.  “Imagine a world where a lightweight, stylish pair of glasses could replace your need for a computer or smartphone,” posits […]

Cuomo Announces IBM Blockchain Vaccine Passport Scheme for Sporting Events, Theatres

Embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his state would be installing a digital vaccine passport requirement to attend sporting venues, movie theaters, and some businesses in a March 2 press release posted on his website.  Cuomo’s administration intends to implement the Excelsior Pass app, created in partnership with IBM. “We are putting guidelines in […]

Apple’s Privacy ‘Nutrition Label’ Introduced

In the world of conflicting information, and with news credibility on the wane, who can you trust anymore? In the cybersecurity world, Apple has taken a bold step in the right direction by introducing the “nutrition label” concept that now requires app developers to disclose the privacy data they collect from their app users. “Inspired […]

Why Must We Improve IoT Security?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most disruptive technological advances in the modern world. By 2019, there were roughly 8 billion...

JUNA 400kV Accelerator Delivers First Intense Beam in Deepest Underground Laboratory

The JUNA (Jinping Underground Nuclear Astrophysics collaboration) 400kV accelerator installed at the China Jinping deep underground Laboratory (CJPL) delivered its first intense beam on December 26. The accelerator...

Promising Reasons Why LEO Satellites Are the Next Big Thing

When it comes to launching satellites designed to orbit the Earth, there are three potential destinations. These orbits, dubbed low, medium, and geosynchronous Earth...

The Smellicopter is an Obstacle-Avoiding Drone That Uses Live Moth Antenna to Seek Out Smells

One huge advantage of drones is that these little robots can go places where people can’t, including areas that might be too dangerous, such...

Parler CEO Lashes Out at Big Tech for Censoring Content

John Matze, the CEO of social media platform Parler, recently lashed out against Big Tech like Twitter and Facebook, saying that the censorship activities...

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