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Communist Chinese Takeover of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council Nearly Complete

The Sino-British Joint Declaration signed on December 19, 1984, allowed Hong Kong to maintain its existing systems and lifestyle, which was ratified by Beijing and Britain in 1997, taking effect for the following 50 years until the year 2047. However, before and predominantly since the start of the global financial crash in 2007/08, China has […]

The Greatest Man in British History

In 2002, the BBC conducted a nationwide poll of the British people to determine the greatest Briton in history. It was no surprise that Winston Churchill came out on top and won the highest number of votes. Churchill was the United Kingdom’s prime minister twice, from 1940-1945 during World War II and again from 1951-1955. Since […]

Study Proves Link Between Political Bias and Social Tie Formation on Twitter

Twitter users are three times more likely to follow back the accounts of strangers if they share the same political bias, according to a new study that sheds light on the phenomenon of “echo chambers” on social media. The peer-reviewed study saw researchers, including from the University of Exeter Business School, conduct a field experiment […]

Chinese Man Who Lost Father to Coronavirus Calls on WHO Experts Not to Be ‘Tool to Spread Lies’

A Chinese man who lost his father to the coronavirus has called upon the World Health Organization-led (WHO) team visiting the city of Wuhan not to “become a tool to spread lies.” Zhang Hai’s father died on February 1 last year after traveling to Wuhan, where he was infected with the virus, reported AP. More […]

Pence Declines to Invoke 25th Amendment, House Passes Second Impeachment Resolution

The House of Representatives has voted to approve a second impeachment resolution seeking the immediate removal of President Trump from office through the invocation of the 25th Amendment. The Democrat-controlled House passed the resolution with a 223-205 majority vote, including 10 Republicans. The resolution, put forward by Democrat Jamie Raskin from Maryland, asked Vice President […]

Arizona Attorney General: Legislature Has the Power to Issue Subpoenas in Maricopa County Arizona

In a Dec. 30 court brief to the Arizona Superior Court, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich weighed in on the struggle between Arizona State...

Senator Rubio’s Bipartisan Bill Aims to Bring CCP to Justice

In a press release on Dec. 23, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, spoke of a successful bipartisan bill...

Media Reverses Position After Smartmatic Legal Threats

In the past few days, several media outlets that have typically been supportive of President Trump and allegations of voter fraud have posted fact...

Sidney Powell Furious as Supreme Court Delays Lawsuits

Sidney Powell recently filed emergency petitions in the states of Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin. She was shocked to find that the courts will...

Marco Rubio Takes Aim at McKinsey Over Ties With the Chinese Communist Party

Republican Senator Marco Rubio is pressing management consulting firm McKinsey & Company to reveal their dealings with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In a...

WHO Stops Censoring the Word ‘Taiwan’ Following Internet Backlash

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently activated a filter on its Facebook page that blocked words like "Taiwan" and "China." After netizens criticized the...

UK Considering Sanctions on China Over Hong Kong Treaty Breach

The UK government is considering slapping sanctions on China after the Asian nation set up new rules that disqualify elected legislators, thereby ­breaching the...

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